Hey now! So what happened to your last half-assed site, you ask? The one promoting the latest toast and butter Criminal IQ had to offer, is retired. Those releases, by the way, are long gone and they sold out in a fashion such as tickets to a Dave Matthews Band concert would. It is about time for a website with actual substance. No longer will all of our Pitchfork hype be directed toward a page that reads, "This webpage is not available. The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have permanently to a new web address". Hopefully this site will be simple to view and navigate through, with all the flash fireworks java downloading.

Well, now this label has only one record to offer and promote, with good reason.
Our long time mates, M.O.T.O. have recorded an extra fine piece consisting of 15 songs for the whole world to enjoy. This album is gorgeous, and it is also released on a CD which looks a lot like one of those things you see for sale at the Starbucks counter. In fact, we are pushing for our CD distribution to exlusively be sold at Starbucks only. But you can also purchase either media of your preference at our garish webstore.

No Way Street by M.O.T.O. available on 12" LP and CD Digipack this fall 2010.

We will do our absolute best to get this in your hands and on your turntable, when our full shipment is all boxed up nicely and are ready for barcode stickers to be applied all over them.

Here's to having a good time, all the time.
-Webmaster Ryan

Posted On: August 26, 2010